Automatic Windows / Awnings Opener System - RA / DA
1. High torque, DC24V low voltage motor for maximum safety.
2. Aluminum frame housing, fully built-in compact design, easy installation.
3. Soft start and soft stop function.
4. Automatic stop when hitting obstacles during opening or closing
5. Built-in hall sensor for accurate opening and closing range with self-learning function.
6. Programme setting by remote control.
7. Can be operated by electric power or solar system.


Input Voltage AC 110V/240V
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Safety Detection Over current detection
Certification CE

Model RA DA
Operating Current 3A 8A
Suitable Awnings Width 1-6m 6-8m
Suitable Windows Weight up to 25kg up to 70kg
Torque 25N.M 70N
Material Aluminium Alloy
Driving method Worm Gear
Noise Below 50DB
Temperature -25°C to +55°C

The Engineering Case

ISO9001   CE          

Optional Accessories
Push Button
Wind/ Light/ Rain Detector
Temperature Detector
Smoke Detector
Remote Control
ABS Plastic Box
Backup Battery
11W Solar Panel
20W Solar Panel