Automatic Window Opener - TC
1.  DC24V Motor
2.  Piston stroke can be manually adjusted
3.  Build-in over current safety cut-off feature
4.  Suitable for all dimensions of vent window and roof light
5.  Build-in control panel, easy installation
6.  Can be controlled by wall switch or remote control, control group by one remote control.
7.  Various piston stroke to be selected
8.  Complete supporting bracket kit, suitable for all window type
9.  Operating temperature: -25 +50℃


Input Voltage AC 110V/240V
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Safety Detection Over current detection
Certification CE / IP66

Model TC3 TC2
Max. Piston Stroke 300mm 200mm
Max. Length of motor 900mm 720mm
Max. Force 1000N 800N
Frame Housing Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy
Driving method Screw Driven Piston Type
Stroke Speed 30mm/s
Temperature -25°C to +50°C

Suitable Window Type

The Engineering Case

     ISO9001        CE / IP66

Optional Accessories
Push Button
Wind/ Light/ Rain Detector
Temperature Detector
Smoke Detector
Remote Control
ABS Plastic Box
Backup Battery
11W Solar Panel
20W Solar Panel