Interior Door Opener - AI

1. Input voltage AC110v-240v

2. Professional mechanical transmission design, DC brushless motor, long service life.

3. Suitable for swing indoor or swing outdoor, easy installation, optimum adaptability to individual requirements- e.g. In hospitals, homes for the elderly, facilities for the disabled, restaurants, security areas, laboratories and courtyard door.

4. Combined operation of double door

5. The digital controller using wisdom computer control system, setting and adjustment are automation detection.

6. Push door opening and closing function.

7. Safety: automatic reverse when hitting obstacle during closing, automatic stop when hitting obstacle during opening.

8. Humanized design: automatic shutdown time, open and close speed.

9. When power cut can be pushed open the door, battery can be optional.

10. Remote Control can be optional: open, close and lock the door.

11. Key switch can be optional: Auto\ Open\ One way\ Lock\ Half open

12. Optional accessories: Electric lock\Microwave sensor\ key switch\ keypad system\ Sensor Beam\ Push button.

13. Optional Alarm, when the non normal conditions when open and close door, alarm will ring.


Input Voltage AC110V~AC240V
Operating Voltage DC 12V
Electronic Controller Microprocessor controller
Motor DC12V brushless motor
Controller Buil-in controller/ External controller(optional)
Auto closing time Default setting: 3S (0-999S Adjust)
Safety Detection Automatic stop/ reverse during opening or closing
Optional Microwave Sensor/ Sensor Beam/ Keypad Systems/ Backup Battery/ Functional Switch/ Remote Control/ Magnetic Lock/ etc


Model Number AI
Door Weight 120kg/ Leaf
Door Width 1200mm/ Leaf
Max Opening Angle 110
Max Noise Below 55dB
Working Temperature -25℃~+55℃

The Engineering Case



Optional Accessories